Welcome to Nollr: a customizable start page you can intuitively access and browse from any device.

How you start something determines everything.

It affects your clarity, your efficiency, your productivity, your passion and your happiness. The same holds true when you log on to the internet. Whether you're on for work, play, personal research or just to browse around, who wants to start on a page congested with random clutter, lacking in relevant content or overwhelmed by advertising specifically aimed to get your attention? It's 2012. Maybe we're not all flying around with jetpacks yet, but certainly you should be able to open your browser with a start page that has information and content you've curated, presented to you in a clean, intuitive, thoughtful design. Now you can.

Simple. Beautiful. Yours.

Frustrated (and a little dumbfounded) by the lack of customizability and flexibility in most browser's default start pages, we set out to make Nollr the perfect start page. One you could customize. One you could launch from your desktop, your phone, your tablet, whatever. One that becomes whatever you want, wherever you want. You don’t have to be a tech junkie to start your day the Nollr way. We've made it super easy to create your customized start page with just a few clicks, using content already gathered by the Nollr community.

Advanced users (or even newbies willing to take a few minutes to watch our tutorials) can take customizing even further, supplying their own custom URLs and content. You can use Nollr to create home pages, internet TV portals, web books, dashboards, intranets and more. You’ll be able to create a truly unique start page, customized perfectly for you. You can also add to the Nollr community while pulling from resources contributed by people just like you.

When we set out to create Nollr, we knew it had to be light.

One of the most important things about Nollr might be what we left out: venture capital, closed technologies, unnecessary design features, advertising. You won't see any of that. You'll see only the content you choose and nothing else. Nollr is here to get you started and get out of your way.

Uber clean. Uber simple. And poised to get even more so. We’re currently working on some pretty cool new developments that will make using Nollr even easier. (More on that later.)

We knew it had to be open.

Consider yourself freed from the grasp of closed systems. Nollr is web-first, meaning you can be greeted by your Nollr page from any device. Maybe you have a computer, a tablet, a smart phone and a laptop. Now you can launch with the same start page on all of these, without any installation or maintenance.

And don't worry about the experience, we've designed your page to shift and adjust to fit the screen space available. It'll feeeeel the same to you, but your home page will be modified to fit whatever device you're on.

We knew it had to be dynamic.

This isn't just about a page full of links. Nollr lets you enjoy your favorite content without ever leaving Nollr. So rather than click away from your home page to visit various sites, Nollr widgets pull relevant content directly onto your Nollr page. Photos and videos can be viewed right on your Nollr page as well.

And the content available to you on Nollr is as vast as the internet itself. We launched with a public page of starter content curated by us, but as Nollr grows, so does its reach. As more users pull in more content and share it in on the public page, the gallery available to you grows and grows.

We knew it had to be secure. And not cheesy at all.

Congratulations. You are no longer a product. Unlike other applications and social networks, the Nollr team will never distribute your information to third parties to make revenues off targeted advertising. All your Nollr content is private, yours and yours alone, unless you explicitly choose to make it public.

We're just two brothers who happen to be designers and who believe a true user-centered web experience, free of advertising and data collection, could create a whole new business model. We have funded Nollr independently, which leaves us free to focus on our interface and how it can best serve our users.

Blah, blah, blah. Let’s get started.

Starts are what we're all about. Visit the Nollr Blog for tips, tricks, features, updates and other inside info. If you’re a self-identified “newbie,” be sure to check out our Getting Started with Nollr blog post. Questions or concerns? Send them along to